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Global strategic planning.

Identifying risks and opportunities, providing clients geopolitical context and global economic data.
Annual Value of World Trade in Goods 2020
Global gross domestic product (GDP) 2020
Global Tradable Financial Assets 2020

The Hale Legacy

David Hale
David Hale Global Economics was founded in 2009 by David D. Hale, an eminent global economist, winner of the William F. Butler Award and a prolific author and speaker. A graduate of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and the London School of Economics. His works include “What’s Next? Unconventional Views on the World Economy” (Yale University Press) which he co-authored with his wife, Lyric Hughes Hale.
After Mr. Hale passed away in 2015, the company continued its mission of providing global macroeconomic and strategic analysis to Fortune 500 companies and asset managers worldwide.
Mr. Hale was a prolific writer, and we have made all of his work, both published and distributed to his clients, to the public.  Mr. Hale had an incredible grasp of economic history and was able to synthesis that knowledge with current events and on-the-ground research to formulate cogent and original analysis. At Hale Strategic, we remain devoted to his vision and methodology.
David was a proud native of Vermont, and clients, friends, and colleagues have also supported the St Johnsbury History and Heritage Center, which now houses his collection of historic books on the Vermont economy.
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Meet our team.

We’ve worked together for years and share a common understanding. We have a combined global network that means that if we don’t know the answer to your question, we know who does.
Our global team of experts are drawn from numerous disciplines, including economics, finance, marketing, international relations, corporate strategy, human resources, technology and communications. 
Lyric Hale

Lyric Hughes Hale

Head of Consulting & Research
A pioneer in digital business news in China, Ms. Hale has served as consultant to major US technology and healthcare firms worldwide. With her husband David Hale, she co- authored "What's Next?” for Yale University Press, and articles on China for Foreign Affairs. A writer and speaker, Ms. Hale attended Northwestern University and is a graduate of the University of Chicago in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. She has lived and studied in Iran, Europe and Japan. She also serves as editor-in-chief of EconVue, a publisher of independent economic news based in Chicago.

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