Hale Strategic

HALE Strategic

Strategy through an economic lens.

Providing context through experience.

Novel insights and cutting-edge analysis.

Driven by shared goals.

In an age of fragmented information and multiple truths, cleared-eyed analysis is required to cut through the clutter, in order to create actionable goals.

  • We partner with our clients to help create global strategies to achieve sustainable goals which also benefit a larger community of stakeholders.
  • We help clients execute internationally and communicate to audiences around the world. Our projects can focus on a single market, or the entire world.
  • We take the time to get to know and understand our clients, becoming a dependable resource for long-term strategic planning, a special event, or when a crisis strikes.
  • We are also a trusted source of independent guidance when an opportunity arises that must be quickly evaluated.  

Independent global perspectives combined with best-in-class analytical expertise.

We have in-depth global reach.

We employ a global network of senior experts in the combined disciplines of economics, geopolitics, technology, and communications.
  1. 1
    Most consulting firms are siloed, offering just one of these disciplines.
  2. 2
    We synthesize, providing rigorous analysis and creative approaches to cross-border challenges that sometimes seem intractable.
  3. 3
    We love tough problems because they sometimes hold the seeds of new opportunities.

The Hale Legacy

David Hale

David Hale Global Economics was founded in 2009 by David D. Hale, an eminent global economist, winner of the William F. Butler Award and a prolific author and speaker. A graduate of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and the London School of Economics.

We proudly embody the spirt of our founder, who was renowned for his rigorous analysis, deep insights and constant questioning of the status quo. His complete works may be found in our digital library.

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